Travelling To KISUMU with a NISSAN

Wecome To Kisumu in Luo is Warua,let us continue

Image of FRANKIE and corazon on nissan

If we are to talk about travellers we are definately going to feature this lovely duo.Frank & Corazon

Image of FRANKIE and corazon on nissan

On Friday Corazon drives Frank and Tiyari 280 Kilometers west of nairobi to the lake side.And guess who is the happiest of them all.Frank since we know he loves being driven around

Image of FRANKIE smiling on a nissan with Lilythegenie

Its a two day off get away and as they traverse to Kisumu we can see the vast kenyan landscape

The Great Riftvalley

Image of the great riftvalley with Lilythegenie
  • To naivasha
  • Image of NAIVASHA billboard traveling with Lilythegenie |Corazon_kwamboka
  • T0 nakuru
  • Image of NAKURU
  • Image of monkeys on the road
  • Image of monkeys in nakuru traveling with corazon |Lilythegenie
  • POV drive TO KISUMU
  • POV drive to kisumu

Its the first time them coming to kisumu,but first Frank has to eat.

Image of Frank just gym it and Baby TIYARI

First stop is definately the lake.It has to be the lake since the only way to claim you was in Kisumu is to have a taste of the Tilapia


The two reach their airbnb place and its raining heaavily and corazon gets wet as she tries opening the gate .

Image of CORAZON kwamboka airbnb

The two take a night drive around Kisumu

Image of KISUMU town at night with corazon_kwamboka

as they enjoy the best of heineken

Image of CORAZON at a nigt club

*Watch Frankie's Tour To Kisumu.*.